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Help and Advice:
When you purchase Clarity Software from Artisan, you also secure access to professional consultants, skilled in a wide variety of fields applicable to business systems in general and the jewelry industry in particular. Our goal is to help you get up and running.

Technical Support:
Implementing a business management system is not complete when the software is installed. Success is achieved through a cooperative, ongoing effort. You will have questions, and we'll have answers - that is why we provide ONE FULL YEAR of Technical Support and Version Upgrades. Clarity's user-friendly Windows™ interface is easy to learn and easy to use - but if there are any questions at all, we are here to support you.

Product Growth and Version Upgrades:
We appreciate that each business does things differently; we are sensitive to our clients' needs. In fact, many powerful features in Clarity were once a glimmer in a client's eye. One full year of upgrades is included. As we add new features, we are happy to offer them to all of our customers.

No Hidden Fees:
ALL MAJOR SUBSYSTEMS ARE BUILT IN. You do not need to buy a separate module for Bar-Coding or Jobs or Photo Imaging or Reporting. There are no hidden expenses.

Bottom Line:
Your computer system is more than a techno-cosmetic addition to your operation.

You must trust the entire System: the hardware, the software and the people using and supporting it with your business-critical data. With Clarity software and support, you have much more than an accurate, electronic filing cabinet. You will be able to manage your business proactively, not reactively. Clarity helps you organize your business data and its workflow; it gives you the tools you need to securely delegate responsibility and then monitor the results.

Clarity helps maximize your profit, service your customers and grow your business!

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